Whatever you do, plan the logistics first!
Gülap Lojistik

Whatever you do, plan the logistics first!

While the epidemic once again reveals the importance of logistics, companies that manage this process correctly stepped forward. It is a fact that businesses whose logistics are not well planned are doomed to failure.

Logistics; With the coronavirus epidemic, it has become one of the priority agendas of not only companies but also countries. Perhaps it has become more important than ever to deliver goods, especially health and food products, to their buyers. Countries and companies that manage the logistics process correctly stepped forward in this period.

One of the areas where logistics gained the most importance after the epidemic was undoubtedly e-commerce. People who closed their homes due to the pandemic met their basic needs through e-commerce. During this period, the order numbers of many companies increased at a record level. Increasing demand has caused delays in cargo delivery.

Whatever job you are going to do, definitely plan the "logistics" process of that job first and then structure your job accordingly. Otherwise, businesses started with a great entrepreneurial spirit may turn into complaints after a while and money losses begin.